Water Droplets



rainxFind 5 items to take capture water droplet photos.

Set up camera above glass/plexiglass using macro lens and lights (strobe or continuous). You may need a tripod (regular or small).

Clean the glass/plexiglass thoroughly.

Then spray RainX on the glass. Follow the directions on the bottle for best use.

Next you can carefully place each drop of water on the glass and NOT place them randomly. Or you can spray from a water bottle. You will get two different results from these processes.

waterdroplet  wd3


When shooting the closer the droplets appear the larger they will seam in your images. And thusly your background should be slightly out of focus and non-detracting from the bubbles.

  • F/Stop – Shallow depth of field. Lowest you can go and still keeping a hint of what is below.
  • Shutter Speed – If using a tripod this may not matter. If using strobe lights no slower than 1/60
  • ISO – Start at 100 – 400
  • If using speed lights may need to set to HSS.

All images posted in this instructional used speedlights.



Notice – In these final images the background is upside down and backwards. Camera Obscura at work.

Make sure once image are shot to use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit your images. Removing an scratches or extra items using healing brush.

Required – Turn-In

You will upload 5 edited images to your blog. Each image should be your best from each object you shot photos.

Either below each or at the very bottom please describe your process in shooting the images. Also under each image include what is below the glass in the shot.

Print your best 11×14 size.