9 Macro Layout

9 Macro Image




Open Adobe Lightroom.

Go to the Library Grid mode (Letter G).

Find your Macro images taken of one room or one large object.

Look for your best nine images. Give them a rating you’ll remember.

Select one of the images for cropping. When selected press the letter R on your keyboard.

Within the crop area select the Aspect ratio of 1×1.


Once selected crop your image the way you want it to appear in your layout.

REPEAT – Now that you’ve completed the first crop. Crop the remaining 8 macro images.

Now that all images are cropped go to your Print area within LR and choose the 9 Macro Layout created yesterday in class.

Once the layout is selected go through and place your nine images into the layout.


Now that the layout is filled turn your attention to the right side of LR.

Place the background color on the layout under the Page option area.

Then go to the Print Job area. Make the following settings:

  • Print to: JPEG file
  • File Resolution: 200 ppi
  • Print Sharpening: Standard


When correct press the Print to File… button.

Go to Templates & Graphics > File for Printing > Class Period Folder Number  either 1 or 7 folder.

Save the file as normal. ClassPeriod-HighSchoolLetter-FirstLastName (6-P-Justin Case)