DIY – Display or Device

The Do It Yourself project is your choice of creating a something that displays photos in a unique fashion and creative way or make something that assist in taking photos. Your effort for the project itself will be realized by the project you turn in. You can check out for more ideas.


Project Due Date:

TAX DAY – April 15th




Photography Gear – is anything that will help or assist in taking photographs. From camera gear to backdrop stand/racks, the ideas are limitless. Just remember to check with your instructor before creating to know what the outcome expectation will be.





diy1 diy2 diy3 diy4

Cara Smith


Photo Displays – ideas can be found by searching Google or Pinterest (Click here for your instructors Pinterests board of ideas). All displays must be at least 24″ x 24″ in size. Any exception to this must be approved by the instructor. Your creation must be photographed and placed on your blog. Any behind the scenes photos of the process for creating your display is greatly advised and encouraged.


Nikia Hyche


Rayana Ybarra





Zoe Pearson