Adobe Spark

Part 1 – Page Creation

Go to the Adobe Spark website and create an account. (There’s a difference in the type of accounts. Read below.)

LEFT – Any of these are free and all your work will be available after you leave KISD. However not ALL functions and features may be available.

RIGHT – Using your KISD login and password you can create your Spark creations. However when you leave KISD all creations will NOT be accessible.


Once your account is made you are creating a Page for your portfolio.

For the title use the name of your Spring Portfolio theme.

And in the tag line below the title label it Spring Portfolio 2019


From there begin creating your Page. The page will be for your Spring portfolio.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Your cover photo is to be used again within your design.
  • Remember to layout your portfolio as you would your book. Strongest image at the top, second strongest at the bottom.
  • More images may be included if you want to add a Glideshow to one or more images.



Part 2 – Embedding

When complete you will Embed your portfolio into your website. Either in a new page to go in your Menu, a link from your menu, or on your main page (your homepage).

To begin go to the Page from Adobe Spark.

At the top Click on Share. Then Publish and Share Link.



On the next screen choose Embed.

Copy the text in the bottom window below Embed.



Go to WordPress and open the page you are going to place your portfolio on.

NOTE – You will need WordPress to be in the classic editing mode. See your instructor for details if you do not know what this is.

At the top right corner of the WordPress design choose the Text tab.

Once in the code either at the top or bottom of the code click Paste.

To return to your normal view click the Visual tab in the top right corner of the WordPress window.

Dancers & Dogs


Part 3 – Video


Log into your Spark account. At the top of the screen press the Blue + button.

Next choose VIDEOS.

And just select the first one, Slide Show.



There is an informational video to make your video right at the beginning. Watch it. It’s quick and easy to learn from.

  • You are to add your images to your video.
  • Lengthen the time for each slide to no more than 4 seconds.
  • Add your own or pick from the audio available. You add your own, needs to be school appropriate.
  • Last slide you’ll need to give credits to the audio if you import.
  • If you use more than one image on a slide make your time 6 seconds.
  • Look at Zoe’s below as an example.
  • Want to place the copyright symbol? See your instructor for details.

Videos CAN NOT be embedded into free WordPress sites. Your video will have to be a Custom Link either within your Main Menu or as a sub menu item below a menu link.


UPDATE LINK — If you add more pics to your page or video then you will need to update the link. See your instructor for details.