Flickr & 30 Day Challenge

Flickr Setup

You first need to click the link below to Flickr and set up an account.


Once your Flickr account is set up go and install the app on your phone.

Upload one photo to your app to make sure it is work correctly.

When your account is set up click the photo below and follow Mr. Smallwood’s Flickr account. That’s how your work will be graded.

Setting up your Flickr account and following your instructors account is a formative grade.

30 Day Challenge

Below is the 30 Day Challenge you are to complete. Take the photo required for each day, then upload your image to your Flickr account.

Make sure to label each photo with either the Day number or the Title for that days photo.

Each 10 days is a summative grade.


Copyright next week.

Have a Great Weekend!!