1st Football Game

You will be posting your 15 BEST and EDITED images from the football game that you attended during the first 3 weeks of school. Below are the instructions broken out into sections.


Part I – Finding the Photos

1. Find your best 15 BEST images from the event.

  • 5 Action
  • 5 Halftime
  • 5 Sideline/Reaction

If you find more than 15 GREAT! Add them to your post, if you get over 20 see your instructor for ideas.



Part II – Editing the Images

1. Crop, edit, fix, etc each of your images. Items that might need to be done – tint, color, HDR, Levels, Brightness & Contrast, etc.

2. Once the images are edited. Use the Export option to export all images to your Blog Pics folder. Make sure to include your logo watermark.



Part III – Blog Post

Make a new blog post. Give the post a unique title in regards to the event.

Now within your post place information about the event and images. Be descriptive and detailed. Here are some sample questions you could talk about:

  • What it was like getting started.
  • Lighting issues.
  • Speed issues.
  • What the process of shooting friends versus people you didn’t know.
  • When you checked and got your first good image.
  • What you could have done differently for an image or event.
  • The lens you used.
  • The camera settings. Light, ISO, shutter, etc.
  • The amount of time editing. Time taken on site to edit images.
  • Spray and pray. Or waiting to shoot.

You may want to type everything in Microsoft Word and then copy/paste it into WIX.

Once all images are posted and text added. Publish the post.

Blog Post Hints:

  • Post all images into the post. NOT as a gallery or slideshow.
  • Do not place all of your information in one or two sections of your blog. Spread it out over the entire post under the images.
  • Once all images are posted and text added. Publish the post.