Your Green Screen Creation

You will be creating your own custom Green Screen creation. You may use bits and pieces from multiple designs but you MAY NOT use just one design.

Before starting the steps below you will need to have your model/team members image extracted from the background and saved as a PSD file.

Part I – Setup

Start with a new file in Photoshop with either of the settings below:

  • Width – 8″
  • Height – 12″
  • Resolution – 300
  • Width – 8″
  • Height – 10″
  • Resolution – 300

NOTE – If you want your design to be Landscape then switch your numbers.

Once set up Save your newly created file to your folder.


Part II – Designing

To start with the design file open in Photoshop. Go to Bridge and find the PSD file of your model/team member.

Once found drag the file to your design layout. This will make it a smart object layer in Photoshop.

Using the Transform tool (Ctrl+T) resize your person, make sure to use the Shift key and corners to keep the aspect ratio correct.

Now that your person(s) is in the file begin your design aspect. The following are to be included:

  • Persons name. First and Last.
  • Group name or organization
  • School year or calendar year depending on person.
  • Aspects of the organization/sport/group as backgrounds unless approved by instructor.



Part III – Turn-in – Website & For Printing

SPECIAL NOTE – You will be saving your design as two different JPEG files. DO NOT save over your PSD file creation.

Open your PSD file.

Choose File > Save As

Save your file to Templates & Graphics > Files for Printing

Change the file type to JPEG. Make sure the JPEG Option chosen is Baseline.

Save it with the file name ClassPeriod-Name-HSletters ( Example 3-JustinCase-CHS )


Next choose Image > Image Size.

Change the Resolution to 100

Choose File > Save As

Save your file to Blog Pics folder as a JPEG.

Once saved close out your file. Do Not Save any changes.

Make a new post on your blog and upload your creation.