Portfolio Placement

Below are instruction written by Paul, John, and Nayana for placing your portfolio first portion on to your WIX site.

When you are done your portfolio gallery page should look like this one.

Minimum number of photos:

  • CP2 – 4
  • Practicum – 6

1. First go to your Wix site

2. Next go to editor

3. Go to Menu & Pages button on the sidebar on the left.

4. Click “Add Page”

5. Name the page “Fall Portfolio”

NOTE – Make sure ALL menu items can be seen. If you see the word “More” then you need to make your menu box/border larger. See your instructor if you do not understand.

6. Once you are on the portfolio page click on the plus button on the side

7. Go to Gallery, choose between slide or grid gallery.

Sidebar – Now go to Lightroom and export your gallery images to your Blog Pic folder, if you haven’t already. With or without your logo – your choice.

8. Upload your portfolio pics to your WIX gallery.

9. Once you have chosen your gallery, switch out the WIX gallery photos with your portfolio photos

10. Press publish