Inside the Box

Lens Decision

Before beginning read this quick article regarding lens zoom selection.

Image from:


Shooting Tips:

  • Don’t move the camera. NEVER!
  • PrePlan. PrePlan. PrePlan. Know before your shoot what
  • Have the ProPhoto light set at 9.0 or above.
  • Make sure the zoom is set to 50-70mm.
  • Double check to make sure the AutoFocus on the lens is switched on.
  • ISO – 100
  • SS – 1/60 – 1/125
  • F/Stop – 5.0 –  7.0


Once you have all images taken transfer to folder in your folder area of the computer.



Now that the images are shot be very selective in your image selection.

Star the ones you will use.

Putting them Together:

Before starting make sure to check your Legacy Free Transform is checked. To do this go to Edit > Preferences > General. From the left column place a check in the bottom box for “Use Legacy Free Transform”.

If you want to create your own layout, see your instructor for details of how to create.

Open from the Templates and Graphics > Inside the Box folder the 3×3 Layout.

Select the top layer Box 1.

Find your image file that you want to place in Box 1 area, does not matter whether it is a JPEG, PSD, or TIFF.

Drag from Bridge into the 3×3 Layout area.

Once the image is in your layout it should be a smart object and ready for resize.

Resize making sure to use the Shift key and corners only. DO NOT change the aspect ratio.

Next using hold down your Alt key and click your mouse between the Smart Object image layer and Box 1 layer in the Layers Panel.

This will clip the image to the box area only.

Now that it is clipped press Ctrl+T (transform). Again using the Shift key and corners only resize to match the top LEFT corner. DO NOT worry about rotating.

With the Transform still selected. Press and hold down the Ctrl key.

Using the mouse reposition the Top Right corner until it lines up with the top right corner of the box area.

Then do the same for the Bottom two corners.

Once all corners match the Box 1 area click the Enter key.


** Repeat these steps for each box area. **


Layer Masking & Copying:

Now that all images are in the design select the Layer Mask from the Line layer in the Layers Panel.

Press the letter D (Default color brushes)

Press the letter B (Brush).

Choose your brush type – soft or hard.

Remove any areas where feet, hands, clothing, hair, etc may not be showing.

Go to other layers where items were cut off and copy/paste or Layer Mask back into the design needed objects.



Printing, Saving, Uploading:

Save your PSD file. Do Not Resize.

Next save your image as a JPEG file. Do Not Resize.

Close the PSD file.

Open the JPEG file.

Choose Image > Resize Image

Change the resolution to 72.

Save the JPEG as new file name.

Post the resized JPEG to your Blog.

Place the original JPEG into the Files for Printing folder.

Go to the Roland printer in the print room and print it off on Photobase paper.

(If you want a better quality print. Print to the Epson printer in the classroom. Get with your instructor on paper and size of image.)