Bokeh/Holiday Lights & OCF

Image by:  Melda Jean Photography

a7iii 1/500 f1.8 ISO 400 Sony 135mm

Right AD600 and AD200 as kicker light on the left


Image by: Browes Studio

Nikon D750 + Tamron 70-200 VC

2-light setup (fairy light not included)

YN600 LED light as main light and SB910 speedlight as rim light.

Natural raindrops.


Tips & Info

  • Your holiday lighting project consist of two previous assignments together. You will be shooting Off Camera Flash with Bokeh lighting in the background.
  • Don’t place your model to close to the lighted background area.
  • You’re looking for an area with LOTS of lights. Bigger the better.
  • Image should be well lit by the Godox. Check the EXIF info of the photos above.


  1. Post to your best 3 bokeh images.
  2. Below each image put down EXIF information (ISO, SS, Fstop), also include type of lighting used for object in front of bokeh lights.
  3. Your thoughts. The good. The bad. The ugly. Your bokeh experience.