During your PhotoBooth event. You are do complete the following:

  1. Design for an actual event that is coming up (even if the booth will not run for that event)
  2. Must make booth screen with minimum 3 photos during session.
  3. Must create booth printout with minimum 3 photos.
  4. The emailing to your Flickr account must be setup.
  5. The posting to your Facebook page is required.
  6. Also settings for the second screen set up must be made.

Below are brief instructions for each area. You can find all of the information regarding the Darkroom Booth software by visiting the companies YouTube Channel.

Below from the Main Menu window is what your booth selections should be.




Based on your printout design choose the layout you want the printer to print.



The default email address has already been setup for the photobooth.

More to Come