Food Lesson

Food Photography

Food Photography images (20 – 30 Pics)
due February 19th


Day 1 Lesson – Confectionery Items

Mini cupcakes with legal sized printouts for backdrops.

Camera settings. 50mm lens F/2-3.5, ISO 200, and you determine the shutter speed.


Day 2 Lesson – What it Means to be a Food Stylist

Below are some examples of food images.


And a lot of what not to do….

And where to get ideas. Try Spoon, Fork, Bacon

Below are images from last years not exactly food photos.


This is what 1/4000 of second will capture.

Day 3 Lesson – Photographing Food

There will be 5 tables set up throughout the classroom you are to capture at least 10 images from each table. You will have approximately 5-6 minutes at each table.

Table 1 – Lemon’s, Limes, & Sprite

Table 2 – Powered Sugar Donuts

Table 3 – Chocolate Dipped Oreos and Strawberries

Table 4 – Bagels, Cream Cheese, Blueberries, Raspberries, and Blackberries

Table 5 – Green, Orange, Yellow, Red bell peppers


Assignment – Photographing Your Own Food

Food Photography images (20 – 30 Pics)
due February 19th