Week 1 – Your Social Distancing Perspective

Part 1 – Background

Who knew the words “Social” and “Distancing” would be used together and that we would be staying home from school, work, and life. But that’s the world we live in. Some of you are seniors and this has affected you in ways sophomores and juniors can not understand. Each of you and your families are dealing with a new reality. So are your instructors.

Our hope after listening to the news and reading stories online is that we only deal with one pandemic in our lifetime. Because if your like your instructors, once is enough.

Part 2 – Assignment

Using either your camera or cellphone capture images depicting Social Distancing in today’s world. These can be captured at home or wherever you might be in life. Your picture must convey a story in one photo. Photos of empty living room, an item sitting by itself (ipad, phone, etc) doesn’t tell a story, and if someone is on a device include the screen, if it’s just a person looking at a device and you can’t see the screen then you don’t have the full story.

As you shoot keep in mind the Elements of Photography that we covered in the first semester, use Rule of Third, Leading Lines, Negative Space, Balance, etc.

Once captured use either Snapseed, Photoshop Express, Lightroom, your computer, or another editing app of your choice.Go through and crop the image to your liking. And to give it more dramatic appeal edit to a Black & White image.


Part 3 – Turn-in – Due April 3rd


Commercial Photography 1 –

Using your Schoology account turn in your best image to the assignment area.



Commercial Photography 2 & Practicum –

Turn into your Wix blog your best 5 images. Email your instructor once the images are posted john.smallwood@killeenisd.org.