Week 2 – What Gives you HOPE!

Part 1 – Background

Last weeks assignment dealt with the distancing, the change in daily life, the unknown of the next day, etc. By this point on the calendar you will been away from school as you knew it for close to one month. Around you has begun a new normal. Lunch via Skype, not having to get dressed for school, no longer carrying backpacks to class, and the list could go on and on.

Watch the video below.

Part 2 – Assignment

Photograph what gets you through and what gives you hope. What around you keeps you positive in and ready for when the GREEN light comes back into our lives? Find at least 3 items that give you the feeling of HOPE. Photograph them keeping in mind the Elements of Photography.

Photograph those things and again using Snapseed, Photoshop Express, Lightroom, your computer, or another editing app of your choice.

Using a collage app or your computer place your best 3 images together. Here’s a list of the best collage apps. You may or may not already have one of these. 


New HOPE garden planned for Austin in the future by the airport.

Part 3 – Turn-in – Due April 10th


Commercial Photography 1 –

Using your Schoology account turn in your best image to the assignment area.



Commercial Photography 2 & Practicum –

Turn into your Wix blog your best 3 images. Email your instructor once the images are posted john.smallwood@killeenisd.org.