Week 4 – One Light B&W Self Portrait

Part 1 – Information

During the first month of the school year you were assigned a 30 Day Photo Challenge, and on Day 23 it was One Light (Not the Sun). By now you should see that Black & White images make a greater impact than color. And see just a portion of the image lit instead of the entire image directs your eye to certain location of the image, like the one below.

Also when trying to capture photos of yourself you stop being the photographer and you become the art director. In the production world Art Directors are usually paid more then photographers.


Part 2 – Assignment

Using your camera or cellphone capture yourself, a family member, or pet. Your light source might be just one cellphone light or like we did in the studio from September several. Standing next to a window can bring about soft in-direct light. Using computer/ipad screens put off quite a bit of light. Want to get real creative. Use blinds or items with holes like kitchen utensils to create light designs.

Your image doesn’t not have to show your entire body in the image like the one at the top of this lesson or the one below. Either way your image is to be completed as a Black & White.


Part 3 – Turn-in – Due April 24th


Using your Schoology account turn in your best image to the assignment area.



EXTRA – Creative One Light

Take these objects….

To create this…..

Click here to see how.