Week 3 – Front Steps Photographer

Part 1 – Background

Cara Soulia is a newborn and family photographer from Needham, Massachusetts. Her goal through dealing with coronavirus pandemic is to spend 5 minutes photographing families on their front porches. All the while practicing social distancing more than six feet away.

Search social media using the tag #thefrontstepsproject Twitter or Instragram.



Part 2 – Assignment

Capture within your neighborhood or neighbors that you can easily drive to. Taking photos of at least 3 – 5 families on their front porch. Don’t have porches? Ask them to bring out a few chairs so some can sit and others can stand. Include pets if you want. This is very casual. If they dress up – meaning no sweats, pj’s, etc. – then your images will be better.

Edit the images using either a phone app or Photoshop. Consider deep black & white versus just color. Your choice

Can you do your own family? If you have remotes and a tripod. Go for it.


Part 3 – Turn-in – Due April 24th

Post to your Wix blog your top three images. (Hopefully they come from three different families.)

Email your instructor once the images are posted john.smallwood@killeenisd.org.