Week 3/4 – Front Steps, Through the Window, or Senior Front Door


This assignment is for the next TWO weeks. Will it take you that long to complete? No. However it may take some logistics for some, and that’s what takes time. Capturing the images, that’s the easy part. Editing images, is just as easy as capturing them. It’s the setup, the coordinating, the planning, that will be the most difficult. This assignment has three options. YES I said 3. You pick yours and create. Got questions. Let me know.



Part 1 – The Options


#1 – #TheFrontStepsProject

Cara Soulia is a newborn and family photographer from Needham, Massachusetts. Her goal through dealing with coronavirus pandemic is to spend 5 minutes photographing families on their front porches. All the while practicing social distancing more than six feet away.

Search social media using the tag #thefrontstepsproject Twitter or Instagram. Or even Google and you will find lots of examples.

Below is a news story regarding one photographer. Also there is an Instagram post from a photographer from Academy, Texas offering the same Front Steps portraits (That’s in Bell County if you didn’t know. Bell County is where you live if you didn’t know.)



View this post on Instagram


Front Porch Project #frontporchproject #quaratine #coronacation #frontporchpictures #socialdistance

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#2 – #ThroughTheWindow

Check out Noelle Buttry a Arkansas based photographer and the through the window images of families. Also below is the new story of Didi von Boch, a photographer in the San Fransisco area.




#3 – Front Door Senior

Think of this as a senior portrait session but just with the front door of the home as the backdrop. This is a project that you may have seen on local social media by area photographers. Here’s the premise. The senior decorates their own front door with as much detail as possible about themselves. The senior poses in front of their door standing, sitting, chair, stool, bench, etc.


So with everyone having cap and gowns now add that to the mix.

Part 2 – Assignment Specifications



All images of this assignment are to be shot while you the photographer are either standing on the sidewalk or street in most cases. Zoom in as close as you can get with your lens and then crop during editing if needed.

For each of these options you need to know which way the persons home faces. Hello?!?!?!? Lighting??? This determines what time of day to take you photos. Just ask them. Does the sun go down in front or in back of your home? Golden Hour anyone?!

And to answer the biggest question. Can we take photos of our own family? Or of ourselves if we are a senior? Duh. . . . . Yes.



#1 – #TheFrontStepsProject

Capture within your neighborhood or neighbors that you can easily drive to. Taking photos of at least 3 – 5 families on their front porch. Don’t have porches? Ask them to bring out a few chairs so some can sit and others can stand. Include pets if you want. This is very casual. If they dress up, totally different look. The more creative the better.

Edit the images using either a phone app or Photoshop. Consider deep black & white versus just color. Your choice



#2 – #ThroughTheWindow

Capture within your neighborhood or neighbors that you can easily drive to. Taking photos of at least 3 – 5 families through their windows or fence. Smiling or not. Color or Black & White edited.



#3 – Front Door Senior

Capture at least one senior. The difference with this option is the senior needs to have three outfits to change into. Casual. Sunday best. Business Casual. Use cap & gown if you’ve got it. Because of the changes in outfits, this may take more than one day to complete.



Part 3 – Turn-in – Due April 24th @ 4PM

Post to your Wix blog your top three images. (Hopefully they come from three different families.)

Email your instructor once the images are posted john.smallwood@killeenisd.org.