Online Learning Information

Lessons & Instructions

All assignments are listed under the 4th nine weeks tab on the Smallwood Photo Class website. Supplemental information if needed will be posted through Schoology course and group postings.

Instructions may also come in the form of videos through YouTube or this website. Links will be sent through Remind and school email.

More information will be posted through Remind than anywhere else. Need more information refer to the Remind page.




You can send messages through both Remind or Schoology.

Need to converse personally through telephone leave a phone number through a Remind message or email, you will receive a return call.

Zoom teleconference will be used if needed.




Mobile Device Editing

There are several good editors for your mobile device. You’ll have to search your app store for editors, there are many good ones out there. You can search Google for editors. Here are some that you might want to checkout.




Photoshop Express





Mobile Device Collage

Each app store has many collage apps. You’ll have to search your device’s store for collage apps. You can search Google for cell phone collage apps.

Pic Stitch