Week 7 – Through

Part 1 – Information

This week you will be shooting Through something(s)………


And shooting with light Through something…..


And here’s the overview of the lesson…..

Part 2 – Assignment

Now that you’ve seen how to shoot. Look up TikTok photography shoot throughs. Also look in your kitchen cabinets and drawers to find items with holes or slices to capture light through.

You are to capture one through an object.

And you are to capture another with light shooting through to a person or animal.



Part 3 – Turn-in – Due May 15th


Commercial Photo 1  Students post your best 2 (TWO) images using your Schoology account assignment area. You will upload each one individually by choosing Re-Submit option.



Commercial Photo 2 & Practicum  Students post your best 2 (TWO) images using your WIX account blog area. No text required.